LJ Media Research Centre (LJMRC)

LJMRC (Lok Jagruti Media Research Center) – India’s most advanced Media Research Center

LJMRC initiative was started by the LJ Group of Institutes in 2015 for understanding the impact of media on society, politics and economy in our country. The primary objective of this media center is to start and manage research driven initiatives on multiple media disciplines which will in-turn help the decision and policy makers take effective decisions on media proceedings. Another goal is to improve the quality of content going out to the media. Another feather to our cap is that we are engaged with the national media policy levels wherein we provide them with the required research.

With a team of veteran media players, we work together as thought leaders towards objective and subjective media analysis to aid in better policy making.

As the best Media Center in Gujarat, LJMRC focuses on understanding media’s vital role in the modern times. Media interactions with the society, politics, economy and culture are the primary areas of research. We also engage in studying the social and regional influence of media, its commercialization and profitability at institute and organization scale. This includes helping media houses and institutions craft informative and entertaining content and finding alternative forms of media that are less explored. At LJMCR we believe that research is not the end to the road, rather the starting point to achieve empowerment and social equity. Research enables us to make accurate decisions leading to a positive change. By including a collaborative work technique, we involve both the decision makers and those to be influenced by decisions. This makes us India’s best Media Research Institute.

Innovative and effective study and research techniques add to the credibility in making LJMRC the most reputed mass media and communications research center in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and India. We’ve adopted an interdisciplinary approach in our study methodology to record the impact, role and relevance of media on the Indian society. Our Media and Research Center engages in the following activities:

  • Studying structure, ownership and corporatization of media
  • Understanding the relation and intersection between media, politics, society and technology
  • Delving deeper into linguistic and regional diversities
  • Deriving relation between media and democratization
  • Exploring internet and social media and their influence on various parameters
  • Interlinking between media and social values
  • Influence of media on culture
  • Media and popular culture

Being pioneers of mass media and communications, at LJMRC the students and faculty investigate topics of the hour such as:

  • Filmography and digital cinema production
  • Documentary film study
  • Media archeology
  • Research in media history and philosophy
  • Public relations and interactions
  • Script writing
  • Sound creation and study
  • Digital storytelling

Here’s a full list of courses and programs conducted at LJIMC.