PGDMC Course Structure

LJ’s PGDMC course is divided into 4 sections:

  • Conceptual education - Thinking critically and intellectually from a unique view point forms the basis of media and communication learning.
  • Creative thinking - Creative thinking opens horizons of opportunities and possibilities waiting to be explored. Our students are trained to think creatively along with the scientific parameters at all times.
  • Practical learning - LJIMC’s students are provided practical experience to enforce the classroom learnings. This prepares our students for the tough corporate conditions.
  • Managerial and team education - Our students are trained to collaborate with teams and leadership skills are ingrained during the entire PGDMC course.

The PGDMC course is divided into 4 semesters. Our students are well-versed in the following media and communications topics:

  • Television
  • Print media
  • Radio
  • Social media management and marketing
  • Advertising
  • Creative writing and storytelling
  • Filming
  • Humanities
  • Indian art and culture
  • Arts and Culture
  • Indian society
  • Humanities
  • Public relations

LJIMC’s students opt for internships in India’s most reputed firms in the above mentioned domains.

Career options after PGDM course completion:

  • Print media – Reporter, Journalist, Editorial board and Marketing associate
  • Electronic media – Radio artist (Jockey and producer), Anchor, Actor, Producer, Director and Managerial position
  • Creative position – Screen writer, Copywriter, Script writer, Storyteller and Graphic designing
  • Public relation - Development, maintenance and management

All in all, the PGDM-Communications Program specifically adds domain knowledge, understanding and competencies that are necessary in the communications driven businesses.

Depending upon the student’s aptitude, they choose the field they wish to pursue a career in. As the most prestigious mass communications and media institute in Gujarat, the best media and PR firms drive down to L J Institute of Media & Communications campus for recruitment.