PGDCM at Gujarat’s best media and communications institute, L J Institute of Media & Communications.

Our motto at LJIMC (LJ Institute of Media & Communications) is to blend practical and theoretical education. This enables our students to think beyond the classroom lectures to perform incrementally in their career. The intersection between theory and practice makes LJ’s education model globally acclaimed.

As India’s top mass media and communications institute, LJIMC’s curriculum includes advertising, PR, media management, journalism, graphics and audio-visual courses. Our veteran professors build a strong foundation by nurturing the skills required to excel in media, communications and journalism sector.

Students undergo industrial internships to get a real world hands-on experience of the corporate domain. They work with the best firms in broadcast, print, multimedia and communications sector. As Ahmedabad’s best media institute, we offer communication and media programs beyond the traditional MBA. L J Institute of Media & Communication’s PGDCM offers a continuously evolving curriculum that adopts the rapidly changing global media and entertainment vertices.

PGDMC Course Structure

LJ’s PGDMC course is divided into 4 sections:

  • Conceptual education - Thinking critically and intellectually from a unique view point forms the basis of media and communication learning.
  • Creative thinking - Creative thinking opens horizons of opportunities and possibilities waiting to be explored. Our students are trained to think creatively along with the scientific parameters at all times.
  • Practical learning - LJIMC’s students are provided practical experience to enforce the classroom learnings. This prepares our students for the tough corporate conditions.
  • Managerial and team education - Our students are trained to collaborate with teams and leadership skills are ingrained during the entire PGDMC course.

The PGDMC course is divided into 4 semesters. Our students are well-versed in the following media and communications topics:

  • Television
  • Print media
  • Radio
  • Social media management and marketing
  • Advertising
  • Creative writing and storytelling
  • Filming
  • Humanities
  • Indian art and culture
  • Arts and Culture
  • Indian society
  • Humanities
  • Public relations

LJIMC’s students opt for internships in India’s most reputed firms in the above mentioned domains.

Career options after PGDM course completion:

  • Print media – Reporter, Journalist, Editorial board and Marketing associate
  • Electronic media – Radio artist (Jockey and producer), Anchor, Actor, Producer, Director and Managerial position
  • Creative position – Screen writer, Copywriter, Script writer, Storyteller and Graphic designing
  • Public relation - Development, maintenance and management

All in all, the PGDM-Communications Program specifically adds domain knowledge, understanding and competencies that are necessary in the communications driven businesses.

Depending upon the student’s aptitude, they choose the field they wish to pursue a career in. As the most prestigious mass communications and media institute in Gujarat, the best media and PR firms drive down to L J Institute of Media & Communications campus for recruitment.