Certificate Course in TV Journalism



The short term programme in TV Journalism is specially designed to provide students opportunities to evolve and face the current and upcoming significant challenges in the competitive world of broadcast Journalism. This course aims to develop an understanding of and skills required in TV studio operation and productionamong the keen and aspiring minds so that tomorrow they rise up to become a better media personality and revolutionize our media centric society.

What you will learn

The course introduces students to the following topics:

  • News reporting and its presentation for broadcast media
  • TV Production
  • Videography which includes camera handling techniques for news coverage
  • News editing in broadcast media
  • News cast and anchoring

Course Syllabus

  • TV Journalism
    • Introduction to TV reporting
    • Types of TV reporting
    • Television scripting
    • Basics of camera techniques
    • Introduction to video editing techniques
    • Television anchoring