LJIMC – Nurturing mass media and communication leaders.

The core vision for L J Institute of Media & Communications by Lok Jagruti Kendra Trust is to be recognized as the top media and communications institute in Gujarat and India. Every activity is accomplished for the educational and creative accomplishments of its faculty, staff and students. As an institution the collective aim is to improve our nation and world, one student at a time.

As the pioneer institute for media education, LJIMC sets global standards for research, teaching and training using state-of-art technology to build a knowledge driven information society. We contribute in a significant way to human development, empowerment and advancement. Our values and ethics are reflected in every student who is a forbearer of these qualities.

We understand the potential and importance of media as an important tool for development in every aspect. Our programs are crafted in ways which help the student get both practical hands-on knowledges along with being well-versed with the theoretical aspect of every subject. The students at L J Institute of Media & Communications are experimental, innovative and thorough in technical knowledge.


Every institute of Lok Jagruti Kendra including LJIMC is committed to the following activities:

  • Student-Centered: We provide the highest quality education to bring out world class students who can withstand global competition. Our students possess valuable qualities such as social and moral responsibility towards the society, leadership and individual and career growth.
  • Learning-Centered: We nurture intellectual flexibility, knowledge and skills by integrating research, assessment and learning to promote continuous improvement of our students.
  • Excellence: At LJIMC we encourage our students to excel in their respective profession and in life. Being worthy is as important as being successful.
  • Diversity: Our students are taught to respect diversity and utilize it in the best possible way for personal and institutional success.
  • Service: Along with education our students are compassionate towards improving the society and nation.
  • Integrity: Our institute LJ Group of Institutes is built on the foundation of strong character, integrity and honesty.

As Ahmedabad’s topmost mass media and communications Institute, our education methodology involves:

  • Daily lectures
  • Workshops by industry experts
  • Industry visits
  • Guest lectures by top notch professionals of related field
  • Group discussions
  • 1 - 3-day training sessions by industries
  • Weekly quizzes and assignments
  • Group presentations

As Each learning endeavor includes

  • Healthy and motivational student-faculty interactions
  • Balanced student-teacher ratio
  • Career counselling and guidance
  • Interactive teaching system
  • Result oriented teaching strategies
  • Regular parent-staff interactions

We are raising the Gen Next citizens who believe in contributing to the global human society. Click here to know more about the programs and how to apply.


LJ Group of Institutes educates students for outstanding career.

LJK (LokJagruti Kendra), a charitable trust and registered society was established in 1980 by Gujarat’s eminent academicians, professionals and renowned personalities. The primary mission of L J (“Lok” – people, “Jagruti” – awareness) is to aid in the overall development of society. We train our students to be better citizens professionally along with empathy towards social, environmental and cultural issues influencing our society. L J Group of Institutes believes in qualities such as honesty, transparency and unity.

Prof BM Peerzada, a renowned economist and former Dean, Commerce Faculty Gujarat University, envisioned establishing a world class educational and research institute to fulfil the educational needs of students from Gujarat, India and other countries. Today, this dream is flourishing with the LJ Group of Institutes covering 19 institutes and spanning across 3 campuses. The courses include degree and diploma undergraduate, graduate and post graduate programs. Over 10,000 students are partaking education with 500+ well qualified staff at the LJ Institutes.

Our mission is to educate students for career success in all professional sectors of the society. We make every decision to support the career and personal development of our learners.

LJIMC (LJ Institute of Media & Communications) serves the society and nation by developing leaders and citizens well-versed in communication, knowledge, academics capable of challenging the present and enriching the future.

The core objectives setup by LJ Group of Institutes, India’s outstanding educational trust are:

  • To focus on building world class institutes imparting state-of-art education
  • To constantly explore latest advancements in technology and education to improve the quality of education
  • To attract and retain renowned faculty to improve the quality of education
  • To connect national and international colleges with LJ Group of Institutes for enriching and improving the student learning process
  • To create new professional and intellectual opportunities for students
  • To impart quality education to talented students of economic, social and geographically disadvantaged sectors
  • To support and create new systems across institutes to provide professional exposure to students and faculty in disciplines spanning industries and technology.
  • To create a talent pool consisting of qualified citizens and future citizens and to enhance their mental, moral and professional strengths.
  • To support research
  • To create quick and reliable systems within the institutions

LJ Group of Institutes in a pioneer in the education industry because of constant innovation and modification in the courses and teaching methodologies based on the latest industry trends. This helps the students excel professionally rather than being mere components of an industry. This momentum is credited to our staff creating benchmarks in teaching and knowledge distribution unmatched by any other institute.

Alongside, LJ Group is mentoring the budding league of entrepreneurs. Startup initiatives, workshops, expert interactions and lectures are arranged for students wishing to pursue the path of entrepreneurship. Some of our faculty have their own startups thereby giving our students hands-on experience of the nitty gritty of this journey. This further makes LJ Institute of Media & Communications Gujarat’s best mass media and communications institute.

By providing education, guidance and support to students to give wings to their goals and dreams, LJIMC and LJ Group of Institutes is creating Gen X leaders and creating their mark as Ahmedabad’s best educational institute. Click here to know more about the faculty at LJIMC.